Event request data

For now, LocalRamp only sends webhooks on five events

  1. When the customer sends fiat for a buy or payment transaction - buy.fiat_received

  2. When LocalRamp sends the crypto equivalent to the wallet address - buy.crypto_sent

  3. When a sell transaction is successfully completed - sell.completed

  4. When a swap transaction is successfully completed - swap.completed

  5. When a coin deposit arrives for a widget sell transaction - sell.initiated

The webhook request body will look like

  "event_type": "buy.fiat_received",
  "reference": "myTransactionReference",
  "sent_amount": "12991.32",
  "sender_currency": "NGN"

If LocalRamp does not get a 2xx response, we'll retry the endpoint every 30 minutes for 2 hours before we give up.

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