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Before initializing a buy transaction, you might want to know what price the token is being traded at. Make a GET request to the following endpoint.

The request takes sender_currency and receiver_currency as query params.

With the following header

x-auth-token: <PUBLIC_KEY>

If the API call is successful, LocalRamp returns the following response:

    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "rate": {
            "sender_currency": "NGN",
            "receiver_currency": "USDC_BSC",
            "partner_fee": {
                "type": "PERCENT",
                "fee": 0
            "processor_fee": {
                "type": "FLAT",
                "fee": "100.00"
            "network_fee": "1.14510001",
            "exchange_rate": "754.6558",
            "market": "BUY"
        "info": {
            "partner_fee": "Merchant fee in percent",
            "processor_fee": "Fee LocalRamp Charges (NGN)",
            "network_fee": "Fee required to send coin on blockchain (USDC_BSC) ~Estimate",
            "exchange_rate": "Price LocalRamp will buy your crypto at"

processor_fee is what LocalRamp charges in local currency fiat i.e NGN, GHS. It will be deducted from whatever the user sends.

network_fee is an estimate of the blockchain network fees. Unit is in receiver_currency i.e BTC, USDT

exchange_rate is the purchase price of the coin.

partner_fee refers to extra fees you might wish to charge your users. This is automatically infused into your rates. Earnings from partner fees are sent straight to your USDT wallet weekly. To set this up, reach out to

Rate Calculation

To calculate how much you would eventually receive for any sender amount

receiver_amount = ((sender_amount - processor_fee) / exchange_rate) - network_fee

Rates for our on-ramp are locked, so you should expect to receive the exact amounts (except in rare cases with high volatility of asset)

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