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Get Transaction State

After the modal is closed, you should fetch the transaction to know the current status. Make a GET request to the following endpoint.
With the following header
x-auth-token: <SECRET_KEY>
If the API call is successful, LocalRamp returns the following response:
"status": "success",
"data": {
"reference": "my-unique-ref",
"state": "completed",
"txid": "<txID>",
"received_amount": "0.7382747",
"receiver_currency": "BTC_BTC",
"sent_amount": "10000",
"sender_currency": "NGN",
"destination_address": "<address>",
"destination_tag": null,
"email": "[email protected]"
The possible state's are awaiting_payment, pending and completed
awaiting_payment - This means we are yet to receive payment from the customer.
pending - This means we have received payment and we are processing the request
completed - This means that the transaction has been completed
sent_amount is the fiat amount sent by the user minus localramp fees.received_amount is the amount in crypto sent to the wallet. Note that these are different from the sender_amount and receiver_amountused in initiating the transaction.