Get Transaction State

After initiating an instant sell, you should fetch the transaction to know the current status. Make a GET request to the following endpoint.

With the following header

x-auth-token: <SECRET_KEY>

If the API call is successful, LocalRamp returns the following response:

    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "reference": "my-unique-ref",
        "status": "completed",
        "destination_type": "bank_account",
        "account_number": "0123456789",
        "bank_code": "000",
        "account_name": "RAJI JOHNSON",
        "bank_name": "UNITED BANK",
        "from_amount": "0.038058405",
        "from_currency": "BTC",
        "to_amount": "127890",
        "to_currency": "NGN",
        "phone_network": "mobile_money_mtn"

The possible state's are pending and completed

pending - This means we are still processing the sell transaction

completed - This means that the transaction has been completed

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