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Rates and Fees

Before initializing a fiat onramp payment, you might want to know what rate your USDT would be settled at. Make a GET request to the following endpoint.
The request takes currency as a query param.
With the following header
x-auth-token: <SECRET_KEY>
If the API call is successful, LocalRamp returns the following response:
"status": "success",
"data": {
"rate": {
"sender_currency": "NGN",
"receiver_currency": "USDT",
"processor_fee": {
"type": "FLAT",
"fee": "100.00"
"exchange_rate": "743.22",
"market": "BUY"
"info": {
"processor_fee": "Fee LocalRamp Charges (NGN)",
"exchange_rate": "Price LocalRamp will buy your crypto at"
processor_fee is what LocalRamp charges in local currency fiat i.e NGN, GHS. It will be deducted from whatever the user sends.
exchange_rate is the purchase price of the USDT.

Rate Calculation

To calculate how much you would eventually receive in your USDT wallet for any sender amount
receiver_amount = (sender_amount - processor_fee) / exchange_rate