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Initiate transaction

Retrieve a bank account for your customers to send fiat to. Once they do, you instantly receive USDT in your wallet.
To do this, Make a POST request to the following endpoint.
The request takes this as the body
"reference": "uniqueReference",
"amount": "1000",
"email": "[email protected]",
"currency": "NGN",
"bvn": "123456"
With the following header
x-auth-token: <SECRET_KEY>
If the API call is successful, LocalRamp returns the following response:
"status": "success",
"data": {
"account_name": "Jaka Technologies",
"account_number": "8603043242",
"bank_name": "African Bank",
"optional_bank_ref": "ZHKAP",
"payment_amount": "1000",
"bank_account_timeout": "2023-04-06T17:37:42.900Z"
Store the reference returned which would be used to verify the transaction.
The user is expected to make the bank transfer within 30 mins of initiating the transaction.
bank_account_timeout is when the bank account would no longer accept payments for this transaction.
optional_bank_ref is the optional transaction note/reference the user can add to the transaction.
bvn (bank verification number) of the user is required when initiating an NGN transaction. Always confirm the correctness of the bvn provided by sending an OTP to the associated phone number. You can do this with our KYC API
The minimum amount value for NGN is NGN 1000 and the maximum is NGN 10,000,000
The user is expected to only make the transfer from a personal bank account belonging to the user.